Our everyday life gives us the chance to meet people whose initiative power is inspiring.

Here we share with you the thoughts, the vision and the ideas of some of the owners and managers of some of the emblematic buildings in the ''Tobacco City" which to be an active example that an adequate change is possible, sustainable and meaningful. The content of the page will be updated periodically.

The content of the page presents examples that happened till the title year, and from 2018 to March 2020 one of the most active examples is SKLAD.

Galero and Ivan Botusharov

I'd like to see the neighbourhood changed and full of life, as the Trap changed. I believe that with joint efforts, this will happen. /06/06/2016/

In 2017 the furniture show-room Galero moved its activity in the periphery of the city and in 2018 till March the building become the headquarter of Plovdiv 2019 - SKLAD

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Total Sport and Mr. Valenitn Dragnev

I think it would be good for the Municipality to acquire one of the buildings, declared as a monument of culture and to develop a project in a public-private partnership with a proven partner that is socially and culturally significant, project that will set the trend to investors and will give the appearance of the neighbourhood, that will perform cultural and social functions. /11.05.2016/ 

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Stage 51 and Valentin Dobrev

The stage club ceased its activity in July 2017 because of the bad condition of the building and the change of the ownership.

Another possible future: Бутиков хотел дава нов живот на 130-годишна тютюнева фабрика в Пловдив - Арх. Радко Тодоров, Славена Русева | 24 Септември 2019

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