Penka Kalinkova junralist and theatrical critic

Penka Kalinkova /1946-2020, Plovdiv/, journalist and theatre specialist. She has graduated Russian and Bulgarian Philology in SU St. Kliment Ohridski and Theatre Studies at HITPA „Kr.Sarafov” /today NATFA/. She works for many years in Radio Plovdiv, ex-director of the media, as well as in the newspapers   Za i protiv and Maritsa. Her articles are published in 24 chasa Plovdiv, Cultura, Duma, Standart and others, the magazines Theatre, Trakia, Vezni and others. Author of the books Pieces of theatre, moments of life /2000/, 100+20 Drama theatre Plovdiv /2001/, A place to return /2006/, The plot Pazardzhic theatre /2009/, The surviving. 60 years Plovdiv opera /2013/, The known unknown Plovdiv /2014/; author of documentaries for the big Bulgarian painters Dimitar Kirov and Kolio Vitkovski, for the Plovdiv puppet theatre, for the Drama theatre Pazardzhic, The antique heritage of Plovdiv /2004/, One tour in five acts/2009/, Stories from the Tobacco city /2009/, The palimpsest Plovdiv/2009/, The larks /2011/, three-series documentary The first theatre /2011 /, dedicated to the 130-anniversary of the first Bulgarian professional theatre -Plovdiv. Press secretary of the International Fall Theatre Festival Crossroad stage /until 2012/. She is awarded for theatre critique and journalism with the awards Plovdiv /1993/, Honour badge of Plovdiv /2006/and the rank Follower of the national teachers /2011/. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Plovdiv 2019 foundation and the suggestion to use the name "Tobacco city" for that central area in Plovdiv is hers.


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