The chance to feel and be part of the quarter through a virtual tour.

Nothing can be compared to an actual stroll around "The Tobacco City". The area truly deserves your attention since it is the only way for you to entirely feel its spirit and mood and to estimate the potential of the quarter and its importance to the cultural development of Plovdiv.

Just for inspiration move around with the option of Google Maps. The triangle that we call the Tobacco City is located between the streets Ivan Vazov, Avksentiy Veleshki and Hristo Botev blvd. The horrible fire on 20th August 2016 caused huge damages on the buildings some of which monuments of culture and this virtual tour gives a view that is, alas, no longer the same!

Tobacco city borders

Exarch Yossif street

This is the street that reaches Hristo Botev Blvd and here one can find most of the contemporary examples for successful and possible development of the abandoned warehouses, as well as some of the loveliest facades of the still barren buildings. Alas, the fire on 20th August 2016 caused horrible damages on some of the facades and buildings. Plovdiv 2019 Foundation made a special input by choosing one of the warehouses to become from 2018 its headquarters for the following two years and a half. 

Captain Andreev Street

This little street had welcomed the amazing warehouses of Dimitar Kudoglu, who had bequeathed the incomes of these warehouses forever to be for the city of Plovdiv and its citizens, linking them with work of the hospital he had donated to the city: "The House of Charity and Public Health". There two amazing buildings were terribly touched by the huge fire on 20th August 2016. To try to revive from the ashes is something we must crave for.

Here you can see the current /towards August 2016/ situation of the warehouses after the huge fire that happened on 20 August 2016

D-r G. M. Dimitrov Str.

This street is parallel to the stately Ivan Vazov street and had gathered both buildings that are almost demolished, functioning one and such, which are now only a memory.

Odrin street

One of the biggest and beautiful warehouses is situated exactly on that little street, perpendicular to Ivan Vazov Str. This had been the warehouse of Orienttobacco and the inetrioir possed wall paitning of the artists Valchan Pterov from the later function of the building. Alas in March 2016 the buidling had been partially demolished. There is an ongoing procedure to clarify the responsibility for what happened with already /August 2016/ the prosecution has stated its accusations

Tzanko Dustabanov street

This street offers the opportunity to show working warehouses and tobacco factories, such with mixed functions and different type of production, barren areas and an attempt for transformation, which still expects its actual fulfillment.

Hristo Botev Boulevard

is one of the axis of the Tobacco City thus combining both vivid and, unfortunately, almost irreversible buildings.

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