The Tobacco Architecture

Arch. Rumiana Proykova tells about the unique architectural ensemble.

The tobacco warehouses are big public structures along with the other public buildings as Municipality, Police and schools. On the background of the low-rise town from the beginning of the ХХ century, the tobacco warehouses erect with their imposing volumes and create a specific landscape. The warehouses represent not only warehouse infrastructure; their investors, designers and constructors have examined not only the functional organization of the production but also have transformed with care the architecture of those buildings. The façade specific derives from their spatial planning scheme –  heavy, monumental volumes, usually indiscrete but in reverse with care for a plasticized façade decoration, as we all noticed. Those decorations are different almost always. In one case the surface is treated in the spirit of verticals that corresponds to the western postmodernism. In other cases, the smooth surface is decorated flamboyantly. The architecture of the tobacco warehouses is distinguished with special interior specific. The massive impressive with dimensions evenly-handled floor spaces that impress with massive wooden construction – wooden beams, wooden columns, wooden roof constructions – models of wooden craftsmanship.


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