Plovdiv 2019 is joining the international #EuropeAtHome campaign

Plovdiv 2019 together with its media partner Pod Tepeto are part of the Europe at home project initiated by Faro2027, candidate city for ECoC for 2027 for Portugal.

Europe at Home Project gains an enormous meaning in this present time where Europe - the world's greatest project of peace, prosperity and solidarity that brings together countries and cultures - tried to answer, through its governments and European institutions, to this crisis adopting public protection policies and keeping a large number of people at home: asking them to assume the responsibility of their actions and social distance for the common good.

This project started with cities that place culture as one of their main development axis, cities that are, were or want to be related to the European Capital of Culture project.

● Bodø (Norway)

● Chemnitz (Germany)

● Esch (Luxembourg)

● Faro (Portugal)

● Kaunas (Lithuania)

● Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

● Novi Sad (Serbia)

● Oulu (Finland)

● Piran (Slovenia)

● Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

● San Sebastian (Spain / Basque Country)

● Tartu (Estonia)

● Valletta (Malta)

● Veszprèm (Hungary)

Motto of the project:

The moment we are living has no parallel in our recent history. In Europe, citizens of all generations never before faced such a collective challenge, resisting an invisible enemy and deeply questioning the future of our societies and different dimensions of our priorly assured realities. All our social and personal conventions are being put to proof and we look to feed our hopes from what we see and read in the digital sphere. Artists everywhere are bursting with initiatives to support people to build a new – inner and outer- world beyond the fear. People’s behavior and awareness hits the curve line of the community’s salvation, although the concept of citizenship is addressed under a call for stillness. The sharing of physical spaces is now under strict limitations and public spaces are to be avoided. Our homes and windows took on a new dimension and we looked at our neighbors with a different attention. Neighbors next door but also neighboring countries. Europe, and particularly the European Union, faces a dangerous irony on the dilution of its borders. With efforts focused on combating the virus, the dimension and function of what is the largest community of prosperity, peace and development in the world, is also being challenged. Will we be able to reset and turn towards each other, holding uncertainty together in a creative and life-affirming way? This project aims to join different European cities and bring an artistic perspective that can be seen and read, to this particular moment in our history that is being lived “at home”.


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