Using art's universal language, ‘Island Magic’ breathes life into Adata Island's riverbanks

In a series of interactive seminars, discussions and performances (1 – 4 July 2019), the Serbian artists from the Mimart Theatre, joined by Bulgarian colleagues, use art actions and interventions to direct our attention to the island's deserted spaces in an effort to integrate them into Plovdiv's daily workings. The street theatre show ‘Magical Dream,’ solo performances of Bulgarian and Serbian artists, and a community theatre connect the city centre to the island.

Founded in 1984, Mimart Theatre (Serbia) focuses on the use of art in the overcoming of various barriers in the realms of language, geography, politics, social issues, ethnicity and age.


  • On 1st July from 4pm till 7pm and on 2nd July from 10am till 1pm and from 4pm till 7pm – Dance workshops will be held at SKLAD for people with interest in this field. The workshops are led by Nela Antonovic, the founder of the Mimart Theatre. Registration online (in Bulgarian):
  • On 3rd July from 4pm will be the open space presentation at the garden near the Dzumaya sq.
  • 4th July at 7pm will be the theater play ‘Magical dream’ by the river bank near the new park area with a stage on 128 Maritsa Blvd.

All of you are welcomed! Free entry!

The event on Facebook:

The project is a Mimart Theatre production. Facebook HERE.

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