The Kaj Dzias show of the Polish theatrical company Living Space Theatre is a colourful mixture of theatre, original choreography, live music and singing, inspired by and dedicated to the Roma culture.

The performance presents centuries-old Roma beliefs, customs and traditions, seen through the prism of human values such as humanity, tolerance and the acceptance of differences.

Kaj Dzias will be staged at Post Culture Stage at 36 Yoakim Gruev Str. in Plovdiv on 9 and 10 August 2019 at 7pm with free entry.

Trailer of "Kaj Dzias" by Living Space Theatre:

The show will be preceded by music and dance workshops (6-8 August 2019, 4pm – 7pm at SKLAD, free entry, pre-registration required). The participants will have the chance to take part in the final performance.


There is no entrance fee for the workshops! You can register by e-mail to

* Maximum number of participants – 30 people



Workshops are intended for everyone, amateurs and professionals, with interest in theatre, dance, singing, improvisation, combining voice with movement, but above all – open for new experiences. It is a chance to get to know your dance and acting skills and try them while performing with actors from Living Space Theatre on stage. The main motive of the workshops is preparing and presenting two scenes from « Kaj Dzias » dance theatre performance #together with you!

*The workshops will last three days in total as a one block. These are not separate classes.

*We do not require an earlier experience with theatre or dance art forms – everyone, amateurs and professionals with interest in theatre, dance, music are welcome!

*Everyone above the age of 14 years can join, but there is no upper age limit!

Director of the show is Jakub Margosiak. Cast: Natalia Dinges, Anna Mikuła, Grzegorz Łabuda and Jakub Margosiak. Live music by Izabela Płachta/Monika Stańczyk (violin), Kornel Uriasz (accordion) and Miłosz Potoczny (guitar). Set design and costumes: Magdalena Paw, Małgorzata Cichoń and Grzegorz Łabuda. The show is appropriate for viewers aged 10 and upward.

The project is a Living Space Theatre, Katowice, Poland, production. More about the company -, as well as on Facebook.

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