Graphema exhibition

Two professional designers of typeface, calligraphy and lettering, Zhaklina Zhekova and Todor Georgiev, will create a handwritten (written in hand with a flat brush) digital typeface for a Bulgarian variant of the Cyrillic alphabet.

They will present their project at the Graphema exhibition (4 – 30 October, at SKLAD with free entry) featuring compositions created mainly with the typeface but enhanced with various experimental calligraphic techniques. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of objects morphing from a 2-D to 3-D shape and presenting the unique shape and exquisiteness of each letter of the Bulgarian alphabet.

A calligraphy workshop will take place at SKLAD on 12 October 2019, at which the main principles of letter forming and sharing of techniques for the creation of a handwritten typeface.

When: 4 – 30 October

Where: SKLAD in the Tobacco City

Opening: 4 October at 7pm

Workshop: 12 October

Free entry!

“Grafema” is a system of calligraphic typefaces which started off as handwritten works using a flat brush and Indian ink on paper. The main distinctive features in the two main cuts are the differing angles of the instrument and the natural texture formed by the brush strokes.

Both main weights of the Grafema family are distributed for free as demo versions for use by students and designers as well as everyone who has an interest in calligraphy and typography. Link HERE.

The project is a Letter Collective production.

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