The project focuses on human rights and the struggle for equality, seeking to present a contemporary reading of Balkan traditions in the context of global society and our digitalised reality.

An exhibition, a public discussion and a Balkan Pride musical event will present photos, artefacts and audiovisual installations from pride parades in big Balkan cities, including Sofia.

The project challenges certain stereotypes, but also aims at a dialogue between different social, age and ethnic groups in order to improve urban culture and expand public horizons. Organisers of pride parades in Thessaloniki, Belgrade and Bucharest will also take part.

Balkan Pride Exhibition (4 - 16 July 2019)

When: Exhibition Opening on 4 July at 6.30pm

Where: SKLAD

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 7pm.

Free entry!

The event in the social media check here

The project is a production of the GLAS Foundation.

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