Shiro Takatani. Between nature and technology

When: 22.05.2019 - 19:00

Where: SKLAD, 4th floor

Free entry.

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Welcome to a special screening of a documentary on one of the most significant and complex artists of our time. Nature. Matter. Spirit. Life. Screens of deception and lack of feelings. The film “Shiro Takatani. Between nature and technology” offers first-hand inspiration insights and a frank conversation with the master of lights from Japan.

Shiro Takatani is a famous Japanese multidisciplinary artist who combines natural elements such as water, clouds, and sand, with optical technology and video, philosophy, literature and performing arts. He has created impressive performances, interactive 3D water curtain functioning as a projection screen, color installations and many more works “beyond visible”.

Part of the documentary on his vivid artistic creations was filmed in Plovdiv in 2017. It was when Takatani presented for the first time in Bulgaria the performance CHROMA as a part of ONE DANCE WEEK contemporary dance festival.

Across Europe and Japan, this film covers over three decades of Shiro Takatani’s artistic journey through his installations, theatre and dance performances. Takatani and his collaborators (including composer Ryuichi Sakamoto) explain the driving principles behind his work where nature and people are observed through modern tools. Takatani uses technology to improve our understanding of our environment: enhancing infinitely small organisms, showing large scale galaxies, creating an interaction between performers / dancers with cameras and large screens. Carefully selected performances and installations – remarkably filmed – demonstrate the evolution of the Japanese artist's work.


Giulio Boato (Venice, 1988) studied performing arts at the University in Italy and now lives between Italy and France, depending on the theater plays he stages and films he directs. His first documentary is a portrait of controversial artist Jan Fabre. Released in 2015 and broadcast in numerous film festivals over the world, it received the best art documentary award in Rome, the same year. Since then, Giulio Boato went on collaborating with Jan Fabre, documenting his Italian exhibitions and the 24-hour long theater play Mount Olympus (2017).

In March 2018, Giulio Boato presented at the Segal Center in New York his documentary on stage director Romeo Castellucci, awarded as best feature documentary in London. At the end of the same year, he released a film about the Japanese media artist Shiro Takatani, selected in competition at FIFA International festival of films on art 2019 (Montreal).

Length: 52 minutes
Film finished in: November 2018
Author, director: Giulio Boato
Original music, sound design: Lorenzo Danesin
Camera: Giulio Boato, Luigi Scaglione
Editing: Giulio Boato
Producer: Léa Bardet,, +33 6 18 74 45 96
Co-producers: Vosges Télévision, Museum TV (French TVs)
Distributor: EuroArts
Festivals 2019: Competition at FIFA festival of films on art (Montreal), SIFA Singapore
Festival of Arts (Singapore)

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