One of the key factors for the successful implementation of the European Capital of Culture initiative is the implementation of the volunteers' programme, which enables the involvement of people regardless of their gender, age, experience, social and ethnic background. You can get involved in every step of the process of preparing and organizing cultural events, festivals and social projects that will be part of the European Capital of Culture project.

At the regular meetings and training for volunteers organized by our experienced coordinators, you can look behind the curtains of the projects taking place in 2019.

Weekly Volunteer Meeting - every Thursday in SKLAD at 18.00

Positive, colourful and dedicated to the beloved Plovdiv! These are our volunteers! We thank all those who have actively participated in the organization and contributed to an unforgettable experience! 

For news and up-to-date events you can follow and join our facebook page for volunteers - Our dedicated blog presents the personal experiences and stories of volunteers that have become part of our events -

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