We ouwld like to thank our volunetters who devoted part of their free time, enegry and knowledge to make the present site become eeven better. Here are the sutidents who checked and corrected some typing mistakes in the following texts:

  • Katya researhed the "Tobacco warehoses - spirit and architecture"
  • Iliyana went through "Urban dreams" and checked "The Programme"
  • Antoaneta  deepened in the Project "The Tobacco City"
  • Katerina saw the Film "The Stories of the Tobacco City"
  • Mariya made a trip to Spain with the "Similar projects - Tabakalerа"
  • Elena visited Pilzen withe the "Similar projects - DEPO 2015"
  • Natalya saw "Similar projects - DEN NY MALTFABRIK"
  • Teodora opened the "Window to the world"
  • Petar was eager to start from the "The beginning of the Tobacco City", measured the "Architecture of the tobacco" and reached the "The Visioners, Creating the Buildings"
  • Viktoriya looked in the "People and Places Behind the Novel "Tobacco"
  • Rangel turned "The Wheel of Time"
  • Yordan met "The Big Tobacco Merchants"

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