The official launch of the online platform Tobacco City was on March 21st. The Platform collects history, stories and memories for the Tobacco City, best practices from the world. It also represents a place to share visions, projects and opportunities for the future.

According to the programme of Plovdiv as European Capital of Culture 2019, Tobacco City is a place for public actions and interventions trough culture, calls for public debate and exchange of ideas. The events of the last week have shown us the need for such a debate. Whatever the legal statute of tobacco warehouses , MF Plovdiv 2019 is against their demolition and intends to inspire and enhance the commitment and responsibility of citizens towards the knowledge of their historical and cultural significance. The demolition of another warehouse unfortunately coincided with another stage of the Foundation long-term project and the Platform launch.

With the platform Tobacco City we provide an opportunity for constructive and positive development of  the raging social activity, through which the demolition of the building has been stopped. Based on this site development and the active civil participation in it, the Foundation team will upgrade the project Tobacco City, part of which is the campaign of fundraising with which to be stated a civil position of the function and the appearance of the tobacco warehouses.

The online platform Tobacco City is a project of Foundation Plovdiv 2019, implemented  together with  i-creativ studio and  courtesy of: Penka Kalinkova, BNT 2 - Plovdiv, State Archives - Plovdiv, Yohannes Artinian, arch. Rusi Delev and Assist Dr. Arch. Velina Pandjarova, Head of Department History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Architecture.

The Platform Tobacco City was launched together with the latest issue of the young media Nula32 devoted specifically to tobacco warehouses and their history. The event took place on March 21st (Monday) at 19.00 at  Club Stage 51 and included presentations and informal discussions, as well as and an exhibition, located on Central Square in Plovdiv city. The musical selection had been of DJ Burateen.


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