Second tobacco warehouse had been demolished today since the preparation of Plovdiv 2019 for European Capital of Culture started

The building on the corner of Str. Odrin and Str. Dr G. M. Dimitrov is declared as an architectural value monument therefore protected by the law to keep its original looks and architecture. On 13.02.1985 with letter No 395 by the National Institute for Monuments of Culturte, № of the quarter: 284, cadastral data: pl. № 620. The building has a status of shared ownership between legal entities and private individuals. Four warehouses in the area of “Tobacco City” have the architectural-building status of cultural value monuments, protected by law.

The objects declared to be cultural value monuments preserve the status until they have been declared a cultural monument under the regulations of Bulgarian law. The declared property monuments are subject to final evaluation in order to be registered as cultural value monuments, final word is issued by the Institute in cooperation with relevant institutions and competent specialists. 

The fate and the status of the massive buildings in the Tobacco City are unsolved for over 20 years which leads to their gradual transformation into ruins.
Plovdiv 2019 Foundation has repeatedly and publicly stated its position for preserving the authentic look of the buildings and their renovation and devotion to culture and the question now is whether we will get the chance to prove that these functions can be equally profitable for the owners of warehouses and the citizens of Plovdiv, as economic and cultural impacts of ECoC 2019.
If we can see a positive in the present situation, it is in the face of public attention and awareness raised against the demolition of yet another warehouse. We hope and call community to be as active when it comes to fundraising campaign, set in the Bid book of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019. The campaign will be dedicated to preserving the authentic buildings and their relevant use in culture.

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