In the end of 2015 Foundation Plovdiv 2019 initiates a web-platform (that you are currently part of) dedicated to the Tobacco city.

The main aim of the platform, designed and developed by i-creativ stuido, is to store, revive and accumulate the past of the area and to provide a space for sharing ideas and possibilities. From January 2016 it is public and on 21 March 2016 will be its official promotion.

To “dive” in the history of the place, one can read the text of Mrs. Penka Kalinkova – a journalist and theatre specialist – that describes richly the beginning of the tobacco industry in Plovdiv, the trade development until reaching the scale we see today.

The texts bring the most famous names that has built the history and that has revealed their expectations and ambitions.

The section Similar Projects  is devoted to the world experience and inspiration that can show how analogue buildings and areas can be brought to life.

The section Shared ideas is YOUR space where to post your possible ideas, visions and opinions for the Tobacco city development.

You can visit also our fan page in the social media Tobacco city

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